Have You Seen My Ball?

Hanny the penguin was playing ball with her friends.
Someone kicked the ball to her and she hit it high into the air.

The ball landed and rolled away beyond the playing area.

"I'll go get it," said Hanny and she began to run.

Hanny hitting a ball

While looking for the ball, Hanny came across a fancy chicken party.

The party was full of chickens wearing fancy clothes.

"Have you seen my ball?"

Two fancy chicken in mid-conversation stopped and looked at her.

A chicken wearing fancy pearls replied.

"Oh hello darling! I'm sorry, we haven't seen your ball."

Disappointed, Hanny continued searching.

Fancy chickens

After some time, Hanny approached a large dark cave.

Determined to find her ball, she bravely walked in.


To her astonishment, the cave had a winged creature sleeping upside down!

The creature slowly woke up from his slumber and stretched out his wings.

"Are you a bird?" Hanny asked.

"No, I'm a bat!" exclaimed the sleepy creature.

"I'm sorry to wake you up, Mr. Bat, but have you seen my ball? It's so dark in here and I can barely see a thing!"

Mr. Bat stopped and listened very carefully. After a few seconds, he flew towards a corner of the cave where a ball was gently bouncing against the wall. He scurried it towards Hanny.


"Oh thank you!" Hanny excitedly said.

"Would you like to play ball with my friends and I?"

The bat yawned lazily, "It's much too early to play ball, but thank you for the invitation."

"Ok, Mr. Bat! Have a good nap." Hanny said as she hurried back to her friends.

She was so thankful to have found her ball.