Do You Speak Butterfly?

Hanny the penguin was walking outside.

A butterfly landed on her bill.

"Hello, pretty butterfly!" said Hanny.

Hanny and butterfly

The butterfly fluttered her wings twice and then stood perfectly still.

"What is your name, pretty butterfly?" asked Hanny.

The butterfly fluttered her wings twice again.

"Sorry, pretty butterfly. I don't know what you are saying," said Hanny.

Hanny saw Sally the seal in the distance and hurried towards her.

Sally the seal

"Hello, Hanny!" said Sally.

"Hello, Sally! Do you speak butterfly?" Hanny asked.

The butterfly fluttered her wings again.

"I do not speak butterfly, but I think we can find someone who can," said Sally.

Sally and Hanny waddled on towards a group of penguins playing.

"Does anyone here speak butterfly!?" yelled Sally.

Millie, the oldest of the group, came towards them.


"Do you speak butterfly?" asked Hanny.

"Hanny, you are always asking such curious questions. Come and play with us. Your butterfly can come play too." Millie replied.

The butterfly fluttered four times.

Sally ran off with Millie to join the others,
while Hanny watched the butterfly curiously.

Suddenly, another butterfly appeared fluttering about.


"Do you speak butterfly?" Hanny asked.

"Of course I do, I'm a butterfly, and I speak penguin too.
I'm Lucy, and this is my little sister, Belle.
Mother wants us home right away." Lucy responded.

Belle fluttered her wings twice again.

"What is Belle saying?" Hanny asked.

"Belle asked if you would be her friend and promises to learn how to speak penguin with you." Lucy replied.

As they start to fly away, Hanny replied excitedly,

Butterflies flying away

"Oh, I would love to be your friend. Come back again sometime and I will learn how to speak butterfly too!"