Where Do the Colors Go at Night?

Mother Penguin was tucking Hanny into bed one night.

Hanny looks up at Mother and asks,

"Where do the colors go at night?"

Hanny in bed

"What do you mean?" asked Mother Penguin.

"Everything is so dark at night and the colors seem to disappear. Where do they go?" asked Hanny.

"Oh I see," Mother replied and she began to explain.

Mother talking

Every night when the sun goes down,

All the colors gather 'round,

Singing, laughing with joyful glee,

For all the things they're about to see.


One by one into the sky they soar,

Following rays they can't ignore,

Yellow, purple, pink and blue,

Climbing mountains to worlds anew.


They make their way around the world,

Dancing with shadows and wings unfurled,

Racing towards the rise of light,

Hoping to be here before the end of night.


As the moon takes a break,

And the world around us begins to wake,

They slide in on the morning beam,

Ready to greet you from last night's dream.