Which Came First, the Penguin or the Egg?

Hanny the penguin was pacing around her room one day.

Thinking in her head, "Which came first, the penguin or the egg?"

Hanny in her room

She walked outside and saw a group of her friends playing.

"Come and play with us, Hanny!" shouted her friends.

Hanny asked, "Which came first, the penguin or the egg?"

Her friends looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

Millie, the oldest in the group, replied, "Don't worry about such questions and just come and play!"


Hanny kept on walking and wondering, leaving her friends behind.

Hanny walked up to the edge of the water and looked out to the sea. She saw her friend Wally the whale come up for a breath of fresh air.


"Hello, Hanny!" exclaimed Wally.

"Hello, Wally," replied Hanny.

"Wally, do you know? Which came first, the penguin or the egg?" Hanny asked.

Wally stared at Hanny, not knowing how to answer.

"I don't know, Hanny. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, I'm just wondering."

Hanny walked away as Wally waved goodbye with his tail.

Wally waving goodbye

As Hanny headed back toward home, she could hear her mother yelling.

"Hanny! Hanny! Where are you? It's time to come home!"

"Coming, Mother!" yelled Hanny.

Hanny ran into the house and found her mother preparing dinner.

"Mother, which came first, the penguin or the egg?"

Before Mother Penguin could answer, a strange pecking sound was coming from the other room.

Hanny and Mother ran to see a very hungry baby penguin emerging from an egg!

Baby Penguin

"Oh! Hello, little one! We have been waiting for you!" cried Mother Penguin excitedly.

Mother Penguin hugged them both and gently whispered, "You both come first in my heart."